15 Reasons Adoptees Search For Their Birth Family

    Every adoptee wants to know where they come from. How could you not want to know your birth mom after being placed for adoption. You have to get curious at some point. Let keep it real.

    I asked the question today on Facebook and Twitter, “What’s your number one reason for wanting to search for your biological family”…and here are the results:

    1. To know where I come from and my ethnic background.

    2. Meet someone I share the same blood and characteristics.

    3. Health and medical reasons.

    4. It was my first instinct once finding out I was adopted.

    5. I wanted to know my mom.

    6. Be nosey.

    7. To know if my mom was alive, if she’s okay, to let her know I am well and thankful.

    8. Circumstances of conception.

    9. I was mad at my mom, and I wanted her to know.

    10. Meet my siblings.

    11. I wanted my mom to know I didn’t hate her.

    12. I love you and forgive you.

    13. To end the secrets and find out the truth.

    14. I never felt like I belonged in my adoptive family, but I knew I would with you.

    15. I want to know if you love me.

    Why do you want to search for your family? Post below and I will be editing the document.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      To see where I fit in the world

    2. Anonymous says:

      To fill in the empty hole in my soul where my identity should be. I did find my birth family in 2012 and my soul feels much more complete now.

    3. Anonymous says:

      I literally just found my bio fam last year even though I am perfectly happy with MY family and have always viewd them as such, there is still that small part behind all the love and good times that wants 2 know why. Why me? AND if tgere are others (siblings, young or old) then you really want 2 know why me? And even after you do find out the facts why and the circumstances there can still be a can of worms regarding the emotions. I wanted 2 know if I had siblings since because of my age my brothers and sister and I didn't grow up 2gether ( I was vastly younger)…

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