About Me

Hello, my
name is Jessenia Arias.  I am an adoptee in reunion. I was
abandoned at a woman’s doorstep in New York City at just months old. I was
labeled a miracle baby and a fighter by doctors. I like to think that God
had a purpose for my life, therefore, I needed to survive in order to fulfill the purpose God has for my life. 
adoption to a group home, I found out the truth about my adoption. I was born
in the womb, and raised by the streets. I have survived more than most would
ever imagine searching for a place to call home and a family of my own. From
the streets to strip clubs, from jail cells to college classrooms, I am
reaching the world with my testimony how God had a purpose for my life despite
my beginnings.
Today, I live in Japan. I
am blessed to travel and share my story all over the world in hopes to inspire
every child to believe that they were born on purpose with a purpose. I have
been blessed to travel throughout the US and to Japan, S. Korea, Indonesia, Jamaica,
Spain, and Puerto Rico and tell my story. 
God’s grace and mercy I am alive today to show you what a little faith and love
can do for you and me.
Love you
& thank you for reading.
is a
published writer featured in the New York Times, writer at Adoption.net, blog author of The Not So Secret
Life of An Adoptee, Youtube personality, motivational youth
speaker, foster care and adoption advocate, and Youth Life Coach. She has a
gift of inspiring, rehabilitating, and transforming the youth with her powerful
testimony how she overcame being abandoned as a baby, dropping out of high
school, incarceration, and abuse. With close mentor ship of coaches and
teachers, Jessenia graduated from high school and was awarded $160,000
scholarship to Lynn University. 
in The New York Times Love Should Not Be

in Family First Magazine Happily Ever After
on Heart Talk Radio National
Adoption Awareness: My Story