Adoptees & Counseling

    Being adopted as we know, brings about many emotions that are often left neglected or repressed. The consequences to both lead to social problems, psychological problems, and difficulty adapting to many situations throughout an adoptees journey.
     Ever considered counseling? I have.
    There is nothing wrong with seeking professionals who want to help you sort out your feelings. I grew up in an out of counseling. In the beginning, it did not work for me because I never gave them a chance to know what was going on in my life personally. As I got older and sick of dealing with issues in my personal life I gave in and opened up to my therapist. The truth is, many therapist or people in the psychology/social work field have had their share of issues growing up. Many of them chose their profession as a way to give back and ensure that every child/teen/adult will be understood and heard. Many students pursuing an online psychology degree would tell you this is exactly the reason why they are working towards becoming psychologists.  That’s love when you follow your destiny and purpose.

    I co-sign therapy just to keep it real.

    As I enter the next phase of my journey, reuniting with my family, I am about to begin counseling again. I know I cannot do this on my own, and I have pondered this for awhile. I want to be the best person I can be, but it begins with finding out who I am, what I want, and recovering from the past.
    I know it is not comfortable or easy being able to open up to strangers, or you might think that no one will understand your feelings, what you have been through, or perhaps you might be embarrassed to share about somethings that happened to you on your journey. However, you are not alone. Someone out there wants to help you and is waiting for you to reach out. Let someone be there for you today.


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    Jessenia Parmer
    Jessenia Parmer
    I'm Jessenia. I am an adult adoptee with 10 years of experience advocating and fostering relationships with adoptees, and over five years of experience teaching adoptive parents how to have a successful and genuine relationship with their adopted child.


    1. So proud of you mama! You inspire me!

    2. Muzik says:

      Thanks you so much Stefanie! Keep reaching your dreams. NOTHING can hold you back!

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